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Affiliate Automated Trading Webinar

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[2013-06-05 16:22:05]
Brigham L Martin - Posts: 2
You are invited to attend a webinar to see a new automated trading program called Trade Dominator. This program was designed specifically for Sierra Chart to help at-home traders take advantage of the full capabilities of automated software. The Trade Dominator is extremely flexible and operates on a wide variety of futures products. Learn to use technology to help find and manage your edge. To register for the next web meeting use the link below. Meetings are held Thursdays at 11:00 am Chicago time (CST).

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR: http://tradedominator.com/daytrade/?page_id=2049

*If link is not active, copy and paste to browser*

Visit our website: www.tradedominator.com

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