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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Aug 2022 11:54:03 +0000

[User Discussion] - Trade Window (P/L and DailyPL Question)

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[2013-06-04 19:12:32]
absorrel4 - Posts: 88
I am trading the Hang Seng futures and would like the Trade Window to show me the profit/loss and Daily profit/loss in USD...and to deduct commissions. I went into the the Chart Settings -> Advanced Settings 2 and changed the Currency Value Per Tick to 6.443 (the USD equivalent to 50 HKD per tick). I also went into the Chart Settings -> Advanced Settings and changed the Position Profit Loss to "currency value (c)". I then went into the Global Settings -> Symbol Settings and changed the Currency Value Per Tick to 6.443 for the HSI contract....and I went into the Global Settings -> Symbol Settings -> Additional tab and changed the Round Turn Commissions to 4.93 (my USD RT commissions for the HSI futures). I also went into the Trade -> Trade Activity Log and checked the box "Use Commissions".

The Trade Window "P/L" now does show the trade GROSS profit loss of the individual trade during the trade (based on the 6.443 per tick)....but it does not deduct the commissions. Also, once the individual trade is closed, the "DailyPL" box immediately below the "P/L" still shows the currency value based on the HKD (i.e., it still uses the 50 HKD multiplier per tick instead of the 6.443 value that I entered in the Chart Settings above....and it does not deduct any commissions.

Questions...how can I get the commissions deducted from the P/L and the DailyPL within the Trade Window? And, how can I get the DailyPL to use the 6.443 per tick to calculate the DailyPL instead of using the default of 50 per tick (as I have successfully done for the "P/L" box immediately above the "DailyPL" box)?

Thank you.
[2013-06-04 20:28:49]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104220
Commissions are not supported within the chart. After changing the Currency Value per Tick, reload the chart by selecting Chart >> Reload and Recalculate.
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[2013-06-04 20:52:48]
tomgilb - Posts: 3375
You can display P/L minus commissions using the Trading: Profit/Loss Text study.
[2013-06-05 01:29:10]
absorrel4 - Posts: 88

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