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my account

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[2013-06-04 12:43:43]
user87297 - Posts: 6
I am using in sierra charts almost 2 years
and i have more than 10 trade in every month
my account no. is 30553
my username in the account is *****
my email is ****
please activate my user in sierra chart.

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[2013-06-04 16:33:16]
Sierra Chart - Max - Posts: 5066
Your account has been activated and/or reset. Please restart the Sierra Chart charting and trading software.

1. To purchase usage time if your account currently does not have any, select "Help >> Purchase/Account Management" on the Sierra Chart software menu or press the "Purchase" button on the Sierra Chart Login window. There is a charge for Sierra Chart.

You can also go to this page in your browser:

Login with your Sierra Chart account name and password.

2. On the displayed Purchase and Account Management web page, click "Payment Form for Sierra Chart Usage Time".

3. Choose the number months you wish to pay for and the service Package.

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