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[User Discussion] - --AUTO-TRADING-- How do I incorporate a second spreadsheet signa

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[2013-05-30 00:46:47]
User268601 - Posts: 28
For spreadsheet automated trading, I would like to know if it is possible to set up and use an additional chart(s) with a different timeframe and different settings within its own separate spreadsheet to be used in conjunction with an existing spreadsheet system. In other words, I'm looking to set up two spreadsheet systems on two different time-frames to where a trade wont be placed unless all conditions are met on both sheets. If so, how would I go about this? Thanks in advance!
[2013-05-30 04:19:13]
tomgilb - Posts: 3332
It won't prevent you from adding another spreadsheet study to another chart in your chartbook, or even using the same-named spreadsheet, but there can be synchronization issues. This is the recommended way to do this:

[2013-05-31 04:07:48]
User268601 - Posts: 28
Well, thanks for that link and I did try working with what was mentioned but I think I'm either missing something or what I need can't be done with SC. Hopefully its me.

Currently my problem is that I have a spreadsheet set up to autotrade off of an indicator that various bars on a 30 minute chart trigger. What I want to try to do is keep the trade signal on those 30 minute bars, but I don't want the auto-trade system to place the trade on the very first second right when those bars open. So instead what I would like to accomplish would be to keep that signal from the 30 minute but I want to use a second chart with a 5 minute timeframe that, with this signal/alert from the 30 minute, places the trade also off of a signal generated from an indicator.

So basically what I need is for the trades to be placed only after both signals have been generated from the indicators on two different timeframes.

When I tried working with the overlay I wasn't able to put an indicator, thus create the alert, on the overlayed chart.
Is this possible to do and if so, what steps do I need to take? Or, is there a different/better way to do this other than using overlays?
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[2013-05-31 05:57:11]
tomgilb - Posts: 3332
Sierra Chart is very flexible and configurable; what you want to do is very likely possible.

Put the Spreadsheet System for Trading study on the 5 min chart, then overlay the 30 min indicators on the 5 min chart, then create the entry formula. Overlay the 30 min indicators, not the 30 min price graph. You also won't need the spreadsheet study on the 30 min chart.

If your 30 min signals are not from indicators but from a spreadsheet calculation, add a 1 period SMA on the 30 min that is based on the spreadsheet column/subgraph, then overlay the SMA onto the 5 min.

If your 30 min signals are simple enough, you could put the formula in a Color Bar Based On Alert Condition study then overlay it onto the 5 min.

This is the basic scenario, but without specific details, it's difficult to offer specific advice.
[2013-05-31 18:03:18]
User268601 - Posts: 28
I believe I set this up right according to what you said and it appears to be getting me in the ballpark of what I'm trying to do. The current problem I'm having now is when I overlay the 30 minute indicator on the 5 minute chart, it lags behind where the actual price is at. I figured this was normal and would catch up at the next 30 minute bar, but it didn't. Is there any way to correct this so it is visible with the current 5 minute bar?
[2013-05-31 18:13:42]
tomgilb - Posts: 3332
The Study/Price Overlay study has several settings. You probably want to set Fill Blanks With Last Value to Yes, and maybe others.

Here's the documentation for that study:

[2013-06-04 03:34:23]
User268601 - Posts: 28
Ok, I have the 5 minute chart with the spreadsheet for trading indicator on it and the 30 minute indicator overlayed, with the blanks filled in. So far so good.

Before this what I was doing was I had a 30 minute chart with the spreadsheet for trading indicator on it and trades were generated by crossing over an indicator. The formulas I was using were: =AND(crossfrombelow(E3:E5,AG3:AG5)) in K3 and =AND(crossfromabove(E3:E5,AI3:AI5)) in M3. Simple enough.

What I am now trying to accomplish is to have two signals. The first one has to be what I just explained above with the signal/alert condition that's generated on the 30 minute, and somewhere within that 30 minute bar I want the second signal from the 5 minute to execute the trade. This second signal is also generated from a similar crossover but on the 5 minute chart crossing through a 5 minute indicator. So the 30 minute one has to occur first, and the 5 minute one is what will execute the trade within that 30 minute bar.

If you could help me to get in the ballpark of how to do this I would be greatly appreciative.
[2013-06-04 04:23:24]
tomgilb - Posts: 3332
The overlaid 30 min indicator will appear in a column AA and above. Reference it in your formula. Like this:


In the spreadsheet study settings, set the Signal Only On Bar Close to No.
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[2013-06-04 15:50:08]
User268601 - Posts: 28
Out of curiosity, is it possible to set a condition based on a candlestick shape like a doji or shooting star? I wouldn't think so, but you never know.
[2013-06-04 15:57:59]
tomgilb - Posts: 3332
Yes, you can build a formula to recognize candle shapes, but it might be easier to use one of the patterns in the CandleStick Patters Finder study, then reference its column.
[2013-06-04 18:23:47]
User268601 - Posts: 28
Ok I think I'm ready to use the formula AND(the30minCondition,the5minCondition) but I'm not sure if there's a specific cell to put it in, and how I would then use it or if I would need to incorporate it in on whats in K3 and M3?
[2013-06-04 18:47:58]
tomgilb - Posts: 3332
Entry/exit signals come from columns K-N. Columns O-Z (or up to AX if Number Of Formula Columns is set to 40) are for intermediate calculations. You can reference intermediate calculations in O-Z-AX in columns K-N formulas. Formulas are entered in row 3.

Here are two links to basic spreadsheet tips:

Here's the comprehensive documentation:
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