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Remote instance problem

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[2015-03-02 20:52:38]
rhovega - Posts: 279

I have two problems with a remote instance chartbook.

I deleted and redownloaded everything on it on the main instance, and then proceeded to open it on the remote instance.

The problems are:

1) When opened on the remote instance, "Cumulative Delta Volume - Bars" study appears ok on all charts with the exception for the 1min chart, where CD starts at mar/2 14:30 EST. When opened on the main instance, "Cumulative Delta Volume - Bars" study appears ok on all charts, including the 1min chart. The data for this chartbook is all in the main data folder.

2) When opened on the remote instance, the weekly chart, set to download 4380 days of data (12 years), starts on Dec-2004. When opened on the main instance, the weekly chart starts on Mar-2003. Important to mention the daily data files prior to Dec-2004 appear in the data folder as empty (57 bytes files).

I have deleted and redownloaded everything multiple times.
I can't find a solution. I would appreciate your help.

Thank you
[2015-03-02 21:02:07]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
1. Based upon what you describe, the only explanation for this is that you are charting two different chart data files in different locations. It really is extremely hard for us to give a specific answer without very careful analysis of precisely what you are doing and direct confirmation of that by us.

2. Is this a continuous futures contract chart? If so, this feature does not work when opening a chart from remote instance.
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[2015-03-02 21:11:18]
rhovega - Posts: 279
1. That was indeed the case for that one chart. Had skipped my attention. Problem solved.

2. Yes it is. OK.

Thank you

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