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Date/Time: Sat, 10 Dec 2022 09:22:32 +0000

[User Discussion] - bar time on SC, how does SC builds its bars?

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[2013-05-25 18:34:50]
User75101 - Posts: 12
new user to SC, since thursday night when I downloaded the program for testing... I cant find a clear answer to this in everything that I've read... so I figure I ask here... off the bat, I subscribe to the ACD method of trading.. so having a properly defined OR, PVR, and RPVR is important to me...

I setup my day session to start at 9:30:00 and end at 16:15:00, night session starts at 16:15:01 and ends at 9:29:59 ....

when I setup my pivots, ohlc, etc... I noticed that everything is off with time.. assuming I use 20m OR, and 20M bars... the Close of the 9:50 bar and not the 9:30 bar is being used to determine the high/low of the OR...

does SC bars get build with the start time? meaning... the 9:30 20min bar begins at 09:30:00 and ends at 09:49:59? with 9:50 being the second bar of the day? curious because my other two platforms dont build the bars that way... the 20min bar with a session starting at 9:30 is the 9:50 bar...

see attached for what I mean...

so I guess my question is, how does SC build its bars?

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[2013-05-25 18:45:11]
ejtrader - Posts: 686
User75101 - in SC - The timestamp of the bar shows the "Bar Open Time" rather than "Bar Close Time". Having used other platforms - "personally" - I like SC's method of using Open Bar Time as a timestamp.

For example - if you take 5 minute bar - First bar on session would be:

SC - 9:30 timestamp (9:30:00 to 9:34:59)
Ninja - 9:35 timestamp (9:30:01 till 9:35:00)

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[2013-05-25 18:47:09]
M5amhan - Posts: 468
i dont know if this will answer your question.. but try ending your day session at 16:14:59 and starting night session at 16:15:00 then delete and download your data

yes, SC bars will start at 9:30 and end at 9:49:59 for a 20 minute bar that reads "9:30" if you hover over it with a crosshair
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[2013-05-25 19:02:26]
User75101 - Posts: 12
ahhh... that makes sense... I will update all my times and see what that does... thank you all for the quick reply... thus far I am a bit impressed by SC considering how much time I spent on "porting" all the indicator setups I have on my CQG and IRT... if I can fix this then I can move on to conditions next...
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[2013-05-25 19:05:53]
M5amhan - Posts: 468
i put it together here, so if it doesnt plot right ill just tell you what i did

imageES2.PNG / V - Attached On 2013-05-25 19:03:03 UTC - Size: 37.14 KB - 526 views
[2013-05-25 19:12:21]
User75101 - Posts: 12
it worked now... something so simple as to ... it all charts correctly now... so thank you all for the quick replies once more..

now I just need to figure out a simple/better way to plotting night session High/Low across the day session... cuz right now I just get it to plot within Overnight.. :)
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[2013-05-25 19:27:10]
M5amhan - Posts: 468
just use another initial balance study but plot the start and end time the same as your night session and set everything but IB high and IB low to ignore

i think this is what you are trying to do
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[2013-05-25 19:30:16]
User75101 - Posts: 12
hmmm... I hadnt thought about using IB study... thus far everything has been done with H/L for time period, PP Variable, Daily OHLC and PP Daily... I will give IB a try given that looks exactly like what I want... :)

[2013-05-25 19:36:03]
M5amhan - Posts: 468
yes, sierra chart allows you to get creative lol
[2013-05-25 19:39:45]
User75101 - Posts: 12
that worked, and it was way easier than what I had done... I guess I could have used IB study for everything... :) but not bad for less than 8 hours worth of work... doing all that I just did in 8 hours took me almost a month on CQG three years ago...

am still having issues with the symbols(my spreads are not coming up and I am missing CBOT instruments event though IQFeed has them, and the Rolling 3 Day pivot is not quite right... but thus far, quite impressed with SC... now I will see what happens with creating alerts or signals... hopefully I dont have to create those via C++ via DLL... I have not done C in well over a decade...
[2013-05-26 02:12:24]
M5amhan - Posts: 468
SC is the most customize-able charting package ive ever used while still maintaining that professional feel of a solid charting package

you might have to take up the symbols with support, but i know i have seen multiple posts about spreads and symbols here so try that first

the only way you would need to use C++ code is for a very complex alert, other than that you should be able to use simple alerts or a spreadsheet depending on what you are trying to do
[2013-05-26 05:03:00]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104293
Make sure you are using the correct spread symbols and contact IQ Feed for help with that.

You will not see all IQ Feed symbols listed in File >> Find Symbol. We can add additional ones if you let us know what you want to use. Please start a new Support Request about symbols.
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