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J22 & spreadsheets

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[2015-02-07 21:44:21]
100 - Posts: 147
HELLO SC masters

I am experimenting with spreadsheets, and I was trying to get the J22 cell to display an entry price,
based on the location of a moving average.

If the bar in which K cell (buy entry) is 1 tick or less (low to high), the J22 cell reads 0, instead of a specific price.
The entry order is then ignored, because the J22 reads 0. (This can be a problem, especially when using tic charts).
As a side note, the moving average is displayed using 'study/price overlay'.

Is there a solution to this? I actually want to avoid updating SC, b/c there is one update from 2013 that slowed down a custom ind.
Of course I would update however, if this problem has been fixed!

Has anyone else had problems with J22 cell reading 0, and have they been able to fix it?

Thanks to all who read and helped!
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[2015-02-08 06:37:16]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
Refer to the documentation here for those cells:

Those cells are for entering a Limit or Stop price. They are for input only.

It is impossible for us to know what caused the slowdown with the custom indicator unless we were to examine that very close and have the source code for it.
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