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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Oct 2018 23:41:15 +0000

studies slowing computer

Support Request:
[2013-03-25 17:45:24]
User32512 - Posts: 25
how can i see which studies are taking up the most cpu and slowing down my computer?
[2013-03-25 17:54:01]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 64972
The only way you can do this is to remove a study one at a time from the charts and see which one makes a difference.
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[2013-03-25 18:13:54]
Sierra Chart - Max - Posts: 3507
You might want to look at help topic 30 here:
Sierra Chart Support
[2013-03-25 23:28:17]
User32512 - Posts: 25
a suggestion for an improvement to sierra chart:
produce a list of the studies used and the charts/chartbooks where each is used, and the percentage of cpu time each is using.
[2013-03-26 00:29:23]
M5amhan - Posts: 468
i know that volume profile take up a lot of cpu time

you could also consider getting a new CPU like an intel i7 quad core if you are serious about doing this for a living
[2013-03-26 03:10:57]
User32512 - Posts: 25
i have that, still get slowing. probably too many windows/studies, but i'd like to know what to cut w/o removing one study at a time.

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