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Shows last price no bars

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[2014-11-17 14:17:53]
User61578 - Posts: 6


I have track two instruments, ES and ZB in one chart book. In the ES charts, TPO and Flex renko, everything is normal. I see the bars and TPO buiding as data comes in. However in the ZB chart I see the last price on both charts but no current TPO nor renko's are buiding. I've changed nothing from when I closed out Friday. I've look at the chart sessions but like I said nothing has changed. Very odd

Suggestions would be appreciated.

[2014-11-17 17:04:23]
Sierra Chart - Max - Posts: 5519
Please refer to help topic 3:
Intraday Chart or Chart Bars Not Updating | Blank Intraday Chart | "Currently no data to display" message for Intraday Chart

Since you are using OEC, make sure you have not exceeded the OEC 5 symbol limit.
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