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Sierra Chart Charts and ACSIL

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[2014-11-14 08:44:07]
AC94882 - Posts: 8
Hi Support,
I have a few Qs:
1. I have the price and volume data on my screen. Until now, the volume was placed on Region #2, and i needed to code two differant sdudies for the price and volume regions seperately. The thing is that i am doing the same calculations to the two studies.
Is there is a way to code only ONE study that will effect the two regions in parallel? if yes than, can you send me a sample of that. If Not than, is it possible to display the price and volume on the same region (#1 for instance), but that the volume won't be ON the price at all? (what do i need to configurate on the study?)

2. When i click on the menu on Chart -> Chart setting -> OK, the system like reset everything and makes all the calculations from the first bar, to the current one.
How do i run this process by code, without actually go via the menu? (I want to do this every time that new bar comming up)

[2014-11-18 22:50:33]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
1. No, this is not possible.

2. When there is a new bar added to the chart, simply iterate through all of the array elements and perform a full recalculation.
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