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Prior Study Collection

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[2014-10-30 00:45:14]
User21113 - Posts: 62
The screen capture is from the morning of 9/18.

Notice the study collection is being applied to the data on 9/18.
The prior high, prior low and intra-day high and low are forming on the 9/18 data. This is expected.

Notice the study is still applied on the 9/17 data.
The expectation is that the study collection will be removed from the 9/17 data when the day turns to 9/18.

The study collection is only removed from the 9/17 data when a new time frame is selected.

What is the expected operation of this feature?

imageImage.JPG / V - Attached On 2014-10-30 00:43:15 UTC - Size: 46.27 KB - 296 views
[2014-10-30 01:58:31]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
We do not know what study you are using but what you describe does make sense. Study values which have already been calculated will not be cleared until the chart is reloaded.
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