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Date/Time: Sat, 13 Apr 2024 10:14:08 +0000

[User Discussion] - Color Bar based on a Condition Help

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[2014-10-29 17:50:11]
User121729 - Posts: 37
I want to code 2 conditions with 1 of them being a narrow bar...

What would be the syntax to say the narrow bar is true?


Will that work?

[2014-10-29 21:08:53]
Sawtooth - Posts: 3971
No, that won't work.
What study are you using that has the ID9 ?
[2014-10-29 22:08:06]
User121729 - Posts: 37
Yes.. I think I have it..


Is that correct?
[2014-10-30 01:12:03]
Sawtooth - Posts: 3971
You didn't answer my question.

You are using an incorrect syntax, and you don't know what the study outputs when the bar is narrow. It might not output anything that can be used.

If it outputs anything, this is probably what will work:

Date Time Of Last Edit: 2014-10-30 01:15:30
[2014-10-30 01:25:19]
User121729 - Posts: 37
I am using NArrrow Range Bar study.. sorry
[2014-10-30 04:51:43]
Sawtooth - Posts: 3971
One way to see what a study subgraph outputs is to add the Spreadsheet Study study to the chart, then look in columns AA and above for the Narrow Range Bar study. This study outputs a 1 when it colors the bar. So the formula I gave in post #4 will work. Or you could use =ID9.SG1=1

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