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[User Discussion] - Signal only when occurance first becomes true

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[2014-10-24 13:58:31]
User20702 - Posts: 13
Tom I read this tomgilb - Posts: 783 and it may answer my Question but I need a little help.
My situation is this when bar 3 closes and an order remains un filled I want to cancel the working order. That works using a true value on bar 4 however it remains true on bar 4 and cancels working orders on 3 prior to the close of that bar.
I think your above post may be the answer however I need help to understand it. Could you explain it a bit further? I'm using the new spread sheet and I am used to the AA3 or A5 address but I do not understand ID1.SG3 and the like, could you comment to help me out?
[2014-10-24 15:24:15]
Sawtooth - Posts: 3934
Please post a link to the thread so I can remember what I posted.
[2014-10-24 17:27:14]
User20702 - Posts: 13
Looking for a Simple Formula in an Alert that
[2014-10-24 20:23:34]
Sawtooth - Posts: 3934
My post in that thread assumed you were using Simple Alerts.

The ID#.SG#@# format can be used in the New Spreadsheets, but you can also use the cell reference.
New Non-CLR Spreadsheet Study Study Reference Method | Post: 40080

To cancel working orders when using the Spreadsheet System for Study spreadsheet, use a formula in cell J78, or J27.

What is the bar period of your chart?
You'll need a formula that finds the close of bar. Look at the formulas in column H of the attached for some examples.

attachmentCountdown Alert at Remaining Value.scwbf - Attached On 2014-10-24 20:19:23 UTC - Size: 10.75 KB - 320 views

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