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Date/Time: Fri, 23 Feb 2024 16:30:53 +0000

Can't get [M] with symbol

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[2014-10-23 19:47:14]
maxpi - Posts: 172
Using SC realtime data feed, NQ futs... I'm noticing that if I delete the data and redownload I get the last ten minutes of data in 30 second boundaries as if it was coming from IB. If I pull the internet cable, wait and reconnect, I get the last ten minutes seemingly from IB. You wouldn't notice this if you had charts that bounded on 30 seconds like 1min, 2min etc. but I'm using tick charts and it's glaring, screws up the geometry.

I checked the steps for setting up the data feed. I did not go into the account setup steps.

I had the [M] for awhile but now I can't get a symbol to come up with that... two problems or one, not sure here, seemingly it's two separate things...

I just put $40 in to make sure the datafeed was paid up, it could be an account problem? Do I have to revisit the account settings for the datafeed?

I tried other symbols, same thing.
[2014-10-23 21:02:45]
maxpi - Posts: 172
Hold on, I restarted the computer and now I get the [M] after the symbol. I'll get back to this tomorrow if there are issues I can't live with.
[2014-10-24 15:11:25]
maxpi - Posts: 172
I open SC, select a symbol, open the chart, it has the [M] indicating I'm getting data from the SC data server. I pull up TWS locally, version 9462, connect SC to TWS. The [M] disappears and I get a data download that seems to be from IB because it's all on 30 second boundaries. I have checked all the settings I can think of, they seem fine but it appears that I'm getting my realtime data from IB, not sure, and I surely don't need that 30 second data download from IB.
[2014-10-24 16:59:04]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
This is because you are not connecting to your IB Live account.

If you are, then there is another problem and we need to see the Message Log.

Provide a copy of the Message Log, by following these instructions:
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