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Date/Time: Wed, 19 Jan 2022 13:05:57 +0000

Sierra Chart 'Language' for Notepad++

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[2013-05-12 22:24:11]
etr8r - Posts: 5
Notepad++ allows the defining of new programming languages. See...
Has anyone thought to incorporate Sierra's Variables, Data Types, Constants, Control Structures & Functions into a user defined cpp-like language? If so, please point the way. If not, I will attempt to create one. I know I can obtain the c++ keywords from the npp langs.model.xml in the npp folder. Is there a ready list of the Sierra 'keywords' available?
[2013-05-12 22:37:07]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 99781
We have thought of this previously and at one-time we did create a file. Not sure where that file is now. However, it was never very productive because our header file does change and the Notepad ++ language file required updating.

If you use a development tool like Microsoft Visual C++, it automatically will parse the Sierra Chart header file and recognize the keywords and give you auto completion.
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[2013-05-13 09:55:14]
User36173 - Posts: 12
SUBLIME TEXT 2 !!!!!!!!

Forget Notepad+, the whole world is coding on sublime text 2 !!!!!!

[2013-05-13 16:08:30]
etr8r - Posts: 5
Sublime is impressive, but not enough to overcome the advantages of Notepad++'s Open Source Code, and it's huge community support. If there are features in Sublime that prove truly valuable, they are likely to be incorporated into n++ in due course.
[2013-05-13 16:20:46]
User36173 - Posts: 12
The things you do to speed up your daily coding you don't find in Notepad++ at all. So your remark is invalid.

See the huge community support of sublime. It's way bigger than for Notepad++

[2013-05-21 00:04:31]
etr8r - Posts: 5
Not sure if this is the right place but, if anyone is interested I created a Sierra Chart Language for n++. Note that you will need to save this by naming the language (I suggest calling the it SierraChart to keep everyone on same page), then exit n++ and re-invoke it for all to work correctly.

Download the attached .xml then:
1) goto Language > Define you language > Import
2) Navigate to the file 'Lang_SierraChart.xml' and hit OK
3) Save As... SierraChart
4) Close "Define you language"
5) Close n++ then reopen n++.
6) Select a c++ file with SC code then goto Language > SierraChart

I don't think I have all the best choices for how I've set things up in the n++ user language definitions -
For example, I don't understand how the Delimiter Styles operate and the n++ manual is too out-of-date to explain, but you will be able to This could have been accomplished using the Language Extension Method, but with less flexibility. So I haven't tried that.

P.S. You should also be able to save a file with the extension .sc and I think it will open with the SierraChart language.

P.P.S. 'sc_keywords2.sc' contains all the sc keywords I've collected so far. No point in anyone doing that a 2nd time!
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2013-05-21 00:16:55
attachmentLang_SierraChart.xml - Attached On 2013-05-20 23:45:09 UTC - Size: 28.91 KB - 507 views
attachmentsc_keywords2.sc - Attached On 2013-05-21 00:16:30 UTC - Size: 30.04 KB - 416 views
[2013-05-21 12:31:31]
YSS - Posts: 50
Thanks, etr8r I appreciate it.
[2013-05-21 12:34:15]
YSS - Posts: 50
But in my notepad++ there is no Language-Define Language
[2013-05-21 16:12:11]
etr8r - Posts: 5
Your Menu bar should look like the attached png.
Check your n++ version.
Check and uncheck 'Make language menu compact' under:
Preferences > Language Menu/Tab Settings
'Define your language' should be 2nd from bottom under the 'Language' menu.
imagen++_MenuBar.png / V - Attached On 2013-05-21 16:07:19 UTC - Size: 92.43 KB - 472 views

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