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[2014-10-03 21:32:55]
QnReally - Posts: 181
if (sc.UserDrawnChartDrawingExists(sc.ChartNumber, UniqueLineNumber + ni)) {
  if (sc.GetUserDrawingByLineNumber(sc.ChartNumber, UniqueLineNumber + ni, Tool, DRAWING_PITCHFORK_SCHIFF, 0)) {
    BI = Tool.BeginIndex; BV = Tool.BeginValue;
    Buffer.Format("Retr LN = %d usi=%d bi=%d bv=%.2f ", UniqueLineNumber + ni, sc.UpdateStartIndex, BI, BV); sc.AddMessageToLog(Buffer, 0);

I am getting a value of -1 for the Tool.BeginIndex. This used to work a couple of months ago but it stopped working with one of the later releases. I am on 1191 at the moment. Has something changed in the API? I have not changed my code but I understand I could still have a problem on my end. The Tool.BeginValue prints correctly though.

[2014-10-03 21:48:15]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104348
We will look into this, but if it is user drawn, the X-coordinate is held as a Date-Time always in the internal list, I think.
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[2014-10-04 21:21:00]
Al SC Developer - Posts: 434
This function is being restored in ver 1200

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