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[2014-10-02 23:47:43]
Sierra Chart - Max - Posts: 4517 | Ending Date: 2020-03-31


I have got as problem with the data feed for Sierra Charts when comparing it to other colleagues where the price bars differ and in particular the delta in Sierra Charts is nowhere near what it should be. In other words the data feed is poor, if I can say it like it is.

Please see attached showing an example. The top chart comes from my Mentor and the bottom is my own FXCM feed. Delta as you may well be aware is an extremely subtle reading and without an accurate reading it can lead to incorrect and bad Trading decisions.

I do know both feeds [charts] are from FXCM, however am I right is saying that there are different server feeds for different [quality] clients? And can I get a 'better' feed by paying a premium? If so how can I get / pay for a better feed.

I am trying to locate my Mentor's server name, however at this stage it's not forth coming. If it explains further my Mentor is a high level Bank Trader teaching myself and 200 other students Institutional Trading and in particular Order Flow ie Delta.

Your thoughts,

Sierra Chart Support
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[2014-10-03 03:15:44]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 82871 | Ending Date: 2020-06-09
What we need to understand about this, is that is your mentor using Sierra Chart?

And in the case of Cumulative Delta Bars, use the Cumulative Delta Bars-Volume study. This will give stable calculations.
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