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Date/Time: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 00:14:38 +0000

Post From: Offering To The Community: Brett Johnson's Standard Tool Kit

[2016-06-10 19:08:36]
bjohnson777 (Brett Johnson) - Posts: 237

Forex: Currency Decorrelation

Still looking for ACS and RCS calculations.

My main hard disk died last month. It had been giving me problems off and on before that, so I had it backed up. I was thankfully able to mount it read-only and back up the final minor changes. Since it seems all new drives are designed to fail early, my project for the past month was to write a more advanced disk test. I've found some interesting things... that have irritated me to no end. :-/ This isn't a SC related project, but some might find the performance graphs and lecture at the mid point interesting.


This script requires knowledge of command line linux and isn't for the common user. If you are a common user and want a more in depth disk test, scroll down to where I talk about UBCD and HDAT2.