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Date/Time: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 14:10:53 +0000

Post From: Future planned OS platforms for SC

[2016-01-11 19:21:50]
User188247 - Posts: 1
Very exciting to see that you are developing for linux and doing it the right way. 2017 seems so far away, but I understand to do it right will take time. Please don't sacrifice speed or stability in the product for "quick to market crunches". (qt,etc) But, also, understand that the hacking world is moving at an incredible pace and the sooner Sierra Linux is on the market the better. We need this product. Windows based systems in the financial world are more vulnerable then manufactures or users know. Ive been hacked. Its not fun and the financial repercussions were significant. Security was my motivation to move to Linux, the stability and quality improvements have been an unexpected surprise. In addition to security, Linux will give traders much better performance in heavy markets because of the better "realtime" handling of data. While Linux is not a true "realtime" OS, it has been tuned at the kernel for improved realtime performance. It is dramatically closer to a realtime system then windows and is about as "realtime" as you can get in an OS designed for generic use. Linux will differentiate Sierra from the crowd of charting packages on the market. As traders learn about the extraordinary performance, even in very heavy markets, the over all system stability and best in class security of linux the retail trading world will embrace Linux as it has been embraced by Wallstreet professionals. And Sierra can lead the way. If it was me, I would build a marketing program around the strengths in Linux: Performance, stability, and security. Also remind users that going to Linux does not mean giving up Microsoft windows. Linux has had a simple Dual boot feature for 10 years. Thanks Sierra, I for one am looking forward to trading on a native Linux Sierra system. Please, get Sierra for Linux to market as fast as you can, without giving up quality. We need this.

...And the concept of a multi-OS development framework probably is not necessarily the right choice for Sierra Chart because we need to have complete control over the program and have direct interface with the OS for performance reasons. We would have to find the right development framework that is very lightweight and reliable, and in combination use that with direct OS interfacing for various things like network I/O and file I/O.