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Date/Time: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 00:15:31 +0000

Post From: Interactive Brokers Stock Volume Data Problem / Antivirus Flag

[2015-12-24 14:43:48]
rc7rader - Posts: 139
Volume still has not been corrected on IB. The time and sales windows prints a lot of less than 10-share trades and unusual shares traded which was not common in version 1297. As a result, total volume showing on the chart is lower than the actual volume. I have to refresh the chart all the time to get the correct volume on the chart. See attached time and sales window for NKE which is heavily traded today. How can I trade when I cannot rely on the chart?

I don't understand why I am forced to use a version that does not print the correct data. Can't I go back to version 1297 until this problem is fixed?
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