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Date/Time: Sun, 20 Jan 2019 01:58:47 +0000

Post From: Interactive Brokers Stock Volume Data Problem / Antivirus Flag

[2015-12-24 04:45:12]
rc7rader - Posts: 139
Pre-release version 1343 is being flagged by Avast as containing a virus (see attached image) and is preventing me from installing it. I am forced to update because Sierrachart is not running on 1297 anymore. I wanted to try version 1343 hoping that IB volume was fixed.

I previously updated to 1336 from 1297 but went back to 1297 since IB volume still has a problem. Volume was always lower on the charts of stocks I trade and I have to keep refreshing for volume to be corrected. I could not trust the volume shown on the chart so it affects my trading. The time and sales window showed a lot of single digit volume trades going on along with trades with volume of 100 or more. Obviously, there was something wrong because when I went back to version 1297, I do not see any single digit volume trades on the time and sales window. You said that the IB volume problem was supposed to have been fixed in 1336 but it was not.

I didn't want to update since I don't use the new features added to Sierrachart, but I'm forced to because Sierrachart would not run anymore.
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