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Post From: Notice: Important Update for Interactive Brokers Users

[2015-12-19 18:12:38]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 68089
From version 1342 notes:
We believe we have resolved some reports of an intermittent problem where a new Trade Position that gets established becomes zero/cleared in Sierra Chart after about 10 seconds when using Interactive Brokers. The underlying problem with this has to do with the complex and insufficiently designed API of the Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation which requires rather complex code to handle Positions for futures and multiples accounts. Still the way that this is handled is not entirely reliable when an Interactive Brokers account has multiple accounts because it is not possible to make it entirely reliable.

And we will not accept the nonsense talk from Interactive Brokers
, that their system is fine and the problem is on the client-side. The problem is they have a poorly designed API and it has limitations. Interactive Brokers must accept that fact and take full responsibility for any problems that arise. This is a basic fact! And you must accept these risks when using Interactive Brokers especially when your IB account has multiple trading accounts on it.

After the most recent changes we do not think you are going to encounter problems if your Interactive Brokers account has a single trading account on it.

Interactive Brokers provides a wide array of market coverage the yet they provide very problematic systems. They need to focus on product quality and adopt communication protocols like the DTC Protocol (DTCprotocol.org). Their position on some technical problems is not correct. We are going to openly complain, until such time that they make changes. We will outline the changes that need to happen.
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