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Date/Time: Sun, 21 Oct 2018 09:17:33 +0000

Post From: Announcement: Long-Term Development Plans to Support Other Operating Systems

[2015-11-12 01:32:06]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 65036
We want to provide an update on this. While we have gradually been making changes in Sierra Chart in order to make it easier to port Sierra Chart to other operating systems, the major work to actually make this happen has not begun in earnest.

The basic reason, is we are not sure what development framework to use.

We have contemplated using QT. But this is a very scary step.

It could be a disastrous mistake that hurts the performance of Sierra Chart, the look and feel of Sierra Chart, cause lots of small problems for users, and can cause us an awful lot of wasted time and frustration. None of this is good.

So basically whether Sierra Chart is going to support other operating systems, yes eventually this will happen, but when is a huge unknown. We do not think it will come in 2016.

The safest thing that we might decide to do is to support Mac or Linux and not both of them. And do the necessary work to interface to the appropriate APIs for one of those. This would bypass the development framework like QT altogether.

For a high-performance program like Sierra Chart, in order for it to maintain its consistency, speed and reliability and at the same time support other operating systems, it is not entirely possible. These two objectives compete with each other and this is the basic fundamental problem.
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