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Post From: Notice: Suggestions (Currently not accepting)

[2015-11-10 02:56:57]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
Our to do list is at least 2 years long. Please keep that in mind before making a suggestion because as we said, there probably is no hope or it is already on the suggestion list.

It is going to be at least a year, before we are in a position of clearing out a lot of the existing tasks.

We do not want to say do not make suggestions, but the purpose of this post is to understand that we may not respond to them and that some suggestions, many that we see, there is no chance of consideration.

Also we have a large user base and have received lots of suggestions over the years so it is clear to us what the priorities are and we are working on those areas of development which are important to the majority of our user base.

So for the most part, unless something is relatively simple to implement and a reasonable feature or critical improvement, we are at a point where we are already aware of what needs to be done and we do not need to hear about many more suggestions especially being we are not able to even handle them.

One area of development that has come up often is the storing of market depth data, and presenting the market depth data at each chart bar. That kind of capability will be coming in 2016.

We also want to say, that trading system optimization is an area of development that we have no plans to get involved with any time in the next two years.

We also believe in quality software development, so it is this reason why developing functionality in Sierra Chart is not very easy and time-consuming. We want a feature to be developed properly, efficiently and be well documented and properly designed. Not an easy task.

While others in this industry may come and go, or some in this industry may be substandard with what they do for example like with aspects of Interactive Brokers and we are not afraid to say so, we will always do our very best even though we are not always perfect.

Think very cautiously about before making a suggestion because if there are too many suggestions from an individual user, this is not well taken and is an unnecessary burden on us and only delays future development. This Support Board is not a place to be just simply be posting thoughts as they come to your mind without long and careful consideration and consideration to what is posted in this thread. This is not Twitter.

Also if you are new user, also understand that it is not a good idea to be making suggestions until you have been using Sierra Chart a while because they probably have already been made before. It is a matter of getting used to what we offer and accepting what we offer as it currently is. Put no reliance on upcoming features unless they are publicly stated to be coming.

Another way that we become aware of the needs of our users is through "how to" questions. If there is something that commonly users are asking how to do, it is not currently supported or it is not easily supported, then this is an area of development that we need to possibly work on in the future.

The most basic important need is reliable software, reliable access to trading on the various exchanges, and reliable, complete and accurate market data. This has been a major focus of ours and is one reason of the development of the DTC Protocol.
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