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[2015-10-10 04:38:33]
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From this section here:

Here is a quotation:
DTC is completely neutral. What this means is that it does not favor the Client or the Server.

Think if a web browser had to be designed to work with a different protocol from every single website out there. Would that make sense? The obvious answer is that this does not make sense and this is why establishing a common open specification protocol is needed. The DTC protocol is the solution.

Standards are very common in electronic data communications and physical electronic networks. The Internet would not even be possible without standards. There is the TCP/IP standard. Hardware layers are highly standardized. There is a standard for Ethernet. There is no way that physical networks can interoperate without standardization.

Where would the Internet be without communication standards? The explosive growth seen on the Internet which began in the 1990s, throughout the first decade of the 21st century, and continues to this day, would not have taken place without standards.

Think about personal computers before USB? Think about all the trouble we had to get a piece of hardware hooked up to a computer before USB. In the old days, we had to deal with setting interrupt request numbers for a piece of hardware.

We hope people will begin to see the light here! We know many of our users do, but it is Trading services and Data services, which need to wake up and realize that eventually they are going to be isolated if they do not use standardized protocols.
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