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Date/Time: Tue, 04 Aug 2020 17:45:43 +0000

Post From: SC Historical Data ES#

[2013-06-19 22:28:53]
User88901 - Posts: 33 | Ending Date: 2014-09-06 [Expired]
Hi, when I am connected to SC historical Intraday Futures data and I bring up the symbol ES# it shows the data but I would like it to be more detailed for volume profile like it is when I bring up a 60 min chart. Will I just have to use the Intraday chart to get this more detailed data and if so how do I back adjust September with June so that it will display volume correctly as I have been having a hard time figuring it out. I tried the continuous contract button and tried to join the data manually and adjust but nothing worked correctly.
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