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[2015-09-24 12:47:46]
User63439 - Posts: 83 | Ending Date: 2017-06-18 [Expired]
We also see, this was probably a feature request, but this is not an easily added feature, and most new feature requests at this time we are not taking.

it was a feature request, thought its easy for you guys. take the existing high low extended indi and cut it at the end of an hour. but as i have absolutely no programming skills, my thinking was maybe just to simple minded.

It is not a matter of unfriendly support. Not at all. It is a matter of commonsense policies that you should clearly understand.

of course i understand that. but maybe its because im a polite person that i wouldnt answer like you did. possibly someone of your SUPPORTERS got out of the bed on the wrong side?

We generally do not provide programming help, unless it is a simple straightforward question and we do not do custom programming for users. So your question is outside the scope of support to begin with.

thank god there are people like tomgilb

have a nice day
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