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Post From: Announcement: Long-Term Development Plans to Support Other Operating Systems

[2015-08-25 04:59:29]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 64955
For at least the last two years, we have been talking about changing Sierra Chart to run natively on Mac and Linux systems.

We have been gradually working towards this, and we have mentioned that we may have this done in 2015. This clearly will not be the case.

At this time, we do not want to make a promise as to when this will be done. There should not be a reliance on this happening at any particular point in time because it is a long-term effort.

While we have been working towards this objective, we have not been working full-time on this effort and working on it in earnest. Gradually we are making progress with all the aspects of accomplishing this so that it can be done properly, and that the final result will be fast, efficient and reliable. This is not an easy objective.

Under no conditions, will we do anything to affect the general performance and look and feel of Sierra Chart.

So should you expect something in 2016? Possibly but once again we cannot make that promise and there should not be a reliance on it. The very first step is to port Sierra Chart over to a different development framework and get it running within that framework on Windows. That will be the first thing that you will see.

Another thing, is that longer-term the interface to Excel may no longer be available. So there should not be long-term reliance on that. We will keep it as long as we can, but possibly in a year or two it may not be available in newer versions. The Sierra Chart built-in Spreadsheets will always be available. What we are talking about is the "Use Excel" setting with the Spreadsheet study.

A couple of additional points, and we will say this publicly, for the connectivity to TransAct and Rithmic, we hope those are direct connections to servers and no longer use bridge programs. So this will require changes by both of these companies to provide us direct connections.
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