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Date/Time: Tue, 28 May 2024 23:52:47 +0000

Post From: New Control Bar to replace ToolBar and Status Bar

[2015-08-21 03:51:37]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
Here are instructions to use the new Compact Tool Values Window in a way which is nearly equivalent to the old Status Bar.

1. Make sure Window >> Show Compact Tool Values Window is checked.

2. Select General Settings >> Tool Settings.

3. Enable Use Horizontal Compact Tool Values Window Layout.

4. Disable Save CTV Window Position for Each Chart.

5. Press OK.

6. Select Global Settings >> Graphics Settings >> Fonts.

7. Set the Compact Tool Values Window font to what you want to use in the Compact Tool Values Window. If you do not see that particular font setting, then use Text Windows.

8. Press OK.

9. Select Tools >> Chart Values. Left click on the chart to activate the tool.

10. You will see the Compact Tool Values Window appear. If you do not, select Window >> Reset Windows.

11. Drag it to wherever you want. You may want to put it into an available space near the top of the program or screen.

12. If you want to hide some fields displayed, this can be done as explained here:

13. In the next release, there will be an option to keep the Compact Tool Values Window always visible when the Tools >> Chart Values tool is selected. This option is now in version 1289 in Global Settings >> Tool Settings >> Chart Values.

14. Here is the documentation for the Compact Tool Values Window:

The reasons the Old Status bar was removed:

-Was a proprietary Microsoft component. We are gradually working on making Sierra Chart as independent as possible from Windows and MFC as we are in the process of supporting other operating systems.
-It used the Windows registry and under certain conditions can cause an exception which generally can lead to a shutdown of Sierra Chart. This exception was caught, but the method of handling this was kind of a hack.
-Could not be moved. This is very limiting on a large monitor, or when detached Windows are used.
-Duplicates the functionality of the Compact Tool Values Window.
-Did not have full or easily implemented color coding capability. It had a monochrome appearance which was not always so easily read compared to white text on a black background in a table type of view.
-Used an unnecessary amount of space especially on large monitors.
-Has always been regarded as somewhat below standard and not the best method to view bar values. Typically a quality charting program will use a pop-up data box to view bar values which automatically moves or is manually moved.
-Had limited number of characters which could be displayed and in some cases the text displayed was cut off.

The new Control Bar we developed does have the ability to support the old-style Status Bar for bar values, which it does for the data feed status. However, we do not see a need for it other than for the data feed status.
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