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Post From: New Control Bar to replace ToolBar and Status Bar

[2015-07-14 20:14:34]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 89738 | Ending Date: 2021-04-05
In the latest release of Sierra Chart, 1269, there is no status bar. However, the connection status to the data feed is shown on the title bar of Sierra Chart. When connected to the data feed you will see "Con" followed by the sequence number, on the title bar.

Refer to the attachment for an example.

When using the Chart Values Tools or one of the drawing tools, the values that were shown on the left side of the status bar can be viewed through the Tool Values Windows including the Compact Tool Values Window.

The Compact Tool Values window becomes active when you are using a drawing tool and Window >> Show Compact Tool Values Window is enabled/checked. Uncheck this if you do not want to use this window.

The Compact Tool Values Window can be set to be displayed horizontally and dragged anywhere on the desktop:

The Compact Tool Values Window position is saved for each individual chart which which is important especially when using detached charts or using a larger desktop. This was one of the problems with the Status bar.

So once you reposition it for a particular chart, it will remain in that position when you go back to the chart and use one of the Tools.

The Compact Tools Values Window is colored using the Subgraph colors. Depending upon where you are pointing in the chart with one of the Tools, it changes to display the data for the first found Graph.

The font for the Compact Tools Value Window is controlled through Global Settings >> Graphics Settings >> Graphics Settings>> Fonts >> Text Windows .

The latest prerelease of Sierra Chart now contains the new Control Bar released which contains the colored data feed status window.
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