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Post From: New Control Bar to replace ToolBar and Status Bar

[2015-07-14 11:22:33]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 89738 | Ending Date: 2021-04-05
The next release of Sierra Chart is going to contain a new Control Bar feature which works with the main window of Sierra Chart and all detached chart windows. This should be out no later than the end of this week and hopefully in just another day or two in the prerelease.

This will replace the existing ToolBar and status bar which we are glad to get rid of. We were never happy with those Microsoft-based components.

The new control bars can be attached to the main Sierra Chart window and to any detached chart. They can also be floated. You can have up to 8 control bars per window.

The Control Bar can contain any of the buttons listed in Global Settings >> Customize Toolbars. You can also add a data feed status window to it and also a watchlist for a chart to quickly select among a list of symbols for a chart.

This Control Bar has been built completely from scratch. It does not use any existing components or development framework other than the basic window and button components. We have little doubt that this is quite unique. Not many software programs undertake this kind of development effort and create a Control Bar from scratch. So it is highly reliable and purpose built for Sierra Chart.

Each of the control bar buttons is automatically sized to fit the label contents.

You will be able to customize the text and colors and graphic for each button, although not right away.

These are some of the things which make this a dramatic enhancement over the existing ToolBar.


To control the font size on the new ToolBar, select Global Settings >> Graphics Settings >> Fonts. Change the ToolBar Text font.
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