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Date/Time: Wed, 18 May 2022 13:58:42 +0000

Post From: CBOT TT datafeed issues

[2013-06-12 13:47:36]
tyler - Posts: 14
Hey, need some help.

I've got the TT feed through DeepDiscountBrokers and all my CBOT symbols (ZB, ZL, ZW, ZC, ZS) are having data issues. When I log in and connect to data feed, the first bar of the current day starts at the time of login and doesn't fill in the historical gap since logoff as all other symbols do. Futhermore, it's not just a gap since last sign in, it's a gap from a very random point in the past. For example, right now my ZW-201307-CBOT has a gap from 5/29 at 11:09AM to when I signed on at 8:27am today.

My ZS-201307-CBOT chart has NO data prior to 8:27am this morning.

My ZL-201307-CBOT chart skips from 5/30 8:39am to when I did a "delete and download" this morning at 9:36am.

My ZC-201307-CBOT is completely broken and will either be completely blank after a "delete all data and download" or start generating data for only the current time, as mentioned with my ZS chart.

This is, obviously, extremely problematic. I contacted DDT/Crossland and they forwarded me to you.

As you can see from above I am familiar with both the "delete all data and download" and the "delete and download" commands and have used both numerous times and they produce the examples I laid out above.

How do I fix this?