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Date/Time: Thu, 21 Oct 2021 15:45:07 +0000

Post From: References Between Spreadsheets

[2013-06-06 00:41:40]
tomgilb - Posts: 3020
1a,b . We can increase the number of Subgraphs beyond 40. How many would you need? And those would all be graphable on the chart and therefore show up in Spreadsheet System/Alert studies. If there is anything else you need beyond this or we are not fully understanding what you need, we do not see it as difficult to improve the capabilities of what we offer to easily accommodate what you require , and not add the capability to reference between Spreadsheets windows.

2. We have thought about this kind of usage . What you could do is dedicate a particular sheet within a Spreadsheet for user inputs like Sheet1. And we can always develop something like multiple views into the same spreadsheet to allow you to have separate windows, which will be detachable, to view different Sheets of the Spreadsheet at the same time.

3. With what we read here, we still do not see that references between Spreadsheets are critical. There are reasonable solutions. Would you agree?

1a. So far I've used 30 columns in my most complex system, but I can see this being exceeded. Would it be better to ask for 60 now, or wait until I need them?
1b. The Spreadsheet Study study is the only one that outputs its user columns to the other 2 spreadsheet studies. This limitation has yet to be, and may never be, a problem because of other available flexibilities. For example, I use a SMA length 1 based on a spreadsheet column to draw lines in other regions, and as the source for overlay studies.

2. If the new spreadsheets have detachable sheet functionality with the ability to view more than one sheet concurrently, this should fill my need.

3. I agree, based on your response to #2.