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Post From: Notice: Version 1248 and Higher and Continuous Futures Contract Charts

[2015-04-23 18:03:51]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 98837
Due to changes beginning with version 1248 to support two digit years for longer-term continuous futures contract charts, for trading services which use symbols with only single-digit years, this has caused an issue for some trading services after updating where the price values for some data in the Continuous Futures Contract Chart may be significantly off compared to where they should be.

This occurs when the Trading service raw data format is not the same format as displayed and requires the use of a multiplier.

This is an example of a problem that you could see:

To solve the problem where the price values for some bars in the chart are significantly off, follow the instructions here to re-download the data for all the contract months in the chart:

Once this is done for a particular symbol it does not need to be done again. Although it may need to be done separately for a Daily and Intraday chart.
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