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Date/Time: Sat, 10 Dec 2022 07:54:19 +0000

Post From: Trial Period and SC stays frozen

[2013-06-05 11:00:54]
User95208 - Posts: 26
Thanks for the extension.

I have not managed to find a decent PCIe x4 or x2 card with an SSD mount. I am out of drive space on HP workstation. I am stuck with the HDD for the time being. Barring the saving time, which still takes good 1-2 minutes on the SATA II HDD, the SC is doing fine. The load/save time does not differ between running without/without Kaspersky AV. I would probably uninstall KAV and try Avast.

I am aware that you recommend running SC without AV/Firewall/Malware. But, in my personal opinion, I find that a too dangerous an environment and practice to run an internet facing PC. The SC support may have never faced an issue running a machine without FW/AV/MW. Fair enough; but let's agree to disagree!

BTW, my video card is NVS 440, which is a quad display card. Does this make a difference to the chart load time or number crunching time? I doubt if the video card affects the data download/save.

One choice is to use a RAM Disk (6GB size). But the data folder on SC folder shows the size as 20.3 GB and size on disk as 5.28 GB. what does the size on disk stand for please?

In closing, the intention is to take a monthly licence upon expiry of the free trial. You do not have a one-time licence, do you?


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