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Date/Time: Fri, 20 May 2022 17:33:08 +0000

Post From: bid volume vs.ask volume cluster on 1 min futures chart (ES) loo

[2013-05-30 17:29:14]
User63475 - Posts: 7
RE: SC Service Package 5 Ver 976

-1 min chart OHLC
-Contract ES
-bid volume vs. ask volume study
-For ES; Buy and Sell volume to be accumulated over the 1 min
period and looked at as a 1 min. histogram bar
In relation to:
movement in cluster of 1 min. price bars
-SC Trade/Data Service: Trading Technologies (TT)
-Comparison platform chart data source with same type of study showing
differences to SC platform: Trading Technologies

Noted Problem of:
bid volume vs.ask volume study;
In that:
1. Sell side volume shows many contacts traded vs. Buy side,
yet price goes up as seen in relation to the open to close relationship
if one bar, or, new highs or lows if a group of bars looked at
as an example.
Sometimes I have noted the Volume study looks backwards or reversed
to what it should be.

2. a separate different trading platform and chart data feed
which I have watched for 4-5 years shows an accurate relationship
of the above and marks out the often differences seen with SC.
See reference in RE: above

SC settings
1. In Global settings>Data/Trade Service Settings : Intraday Data
storage Unit set at 1 Tick
2. computer clock set accurately
3. If in doubt of computer clock I will reload data on the chart from the
respective server ( either SC or the Other one ) to see what the
source has on record as accurate.
For SC use Chart>Reload/Recalculate.

I have screen shots (paint) to show differences if this will help.

How can I get this set up right in SC?

Thank you.

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