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Date/Time: Wed, 18 May 2022 12:51:41 +0000

Post From: sc.Bid/sc.Ask

[2013-05-29 13:17:53]
Hendrixon - Posts: 130
In order to distribute load I use several instances of SC but only one instance pulls data.
I wrote a trading study that needs those values (current Bid/Ask prices) and found that they are only available on charts that use data on the SC instance that pulls the data.
On remote data file charts I get 0.00 values.

How can I pull the sc.Bid/sc.Ask values (or equivalent) when the study is on a chart with remote data file?
I have the "remote" instance connected to the feed and plot the DOM Graph fine, but get 0.00 for Bid/Ask.

Maybe they can be pulled with the DOM Access function?
(your code example shows only how to pull Volume)

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