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Date/Time: Tue, 23 Oct 2018 10:54:45 +0000

Post From: 1 Box Reversal Point & Figure Chart With 'One-Step-Back'

[2014-12-08 00:34:14]
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Thanks George, but I do not believe that feature accomplishes what I am talking about.

When the input value is set to "No" for "Allow One Box Reversals", it does not cause any single column to appear with both X's and O's in it (my Box reversal size is 2 points). If you set the input value to "Yes", then you will see columns appear on the chart with 1 'O' in them, for instance. But again, changing that setting does not cause the 1 'O' to appear in a column with X's, when it could do so per the 'one-step-back' rule.

I would be pleased to be wrong, but I don't see it in the way the charts build.