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Post From: DTC Protocol

[2014-11-29 21:31:16]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 65062

We have started initiative in this industry to establish a common communications protocol to connect Clients and Servers.

This is the official website:

We are going to be putting a significant effort into this during the rest of the year. If you can keep your support questions to a minimum, that would be appreciated.

We are going to create two new encodings for the messages and fields.

This will be JSON and binary with variable length text strings.

We are going over all the messages and fields and improving the naming to make them as consistent, compact and logical as possible.

The trade order modify and cancel messages are being cleaned up a little by removing some unnecessary fields. We are also creating separate integer versions of order entry and modification functions.

We also have a proposal to Data and Trading services. We request that you contact us about adopting DTC and in return we are willing to offer Sierra Chart free to your customers for a period of one year if you adopt the DTC protocol in good faith, without the use of a bridge program, and you are a new service that Sierra Chart does not already support.

We also may offer discounts after the one year period.

This is not to be taken as an offer, but instead a request for negotiation. However, once we negotiate with the Data or Trading service successfully, we are willing to enter into a contract.
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