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Date/Time: Wed, 05 Oct 2022 21:40:53 +0000

Post From: FXCM Order Tickets

[2013-05-23 19:28:06]
User27944 - Posts: 10

When executing a partial exit (not being target or stop) on an existing position, FXCM often (not always) assigns a new order ticket to the remaining position. This new order ticket is picked up by SC and edited as RESTORED in Trade Activity Log (TAL). RESTORED activity entry has an empty position field and a correct value in the quantity field. So far so good.

FXCM considers the original ticket closed. I do see in TAL that SC is doing the same, however:

1. Trade Orders and Positions (TOP) >> Positions, and chart trading show the correct position size;
2. TOP >> Trade Stats has open quantity doubled;
3. Subsequent trades do not execute properly (reversals only doing exit and not an opposite entry). I gather this could be because of the incorrect open quantity.

After manually deleting the value in the quantity field in TAL, Trade Stats at least gives the correct quantity.

Can this only be solved by clearing TAL every time (which is not practical since it is a recurring issue during the day), or is there another solution?


SC v976
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