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Date/Time: Tue, 17 May 2022 14:08:00 +0000

Post From: Some default 'replay speed buttons'?

[2013-05-16 09:51:16]
User87197 - Posts: 65

I originally came to Sierra Chart because of the Trade Simulation and Replay features (before falling in love with the rest of it). As a user that makes extensive use of the replay feature, it would be nice if on the 'replay panel' there were some default 'speed buttons' that could be clicked to change playback speed - because having to hit 'Pause' then select the 'Speed' box with the mouse and entering a new value on the keyboard, then un-pausing can be quite tedious if you're speeding up and down through periods of activity and inactivity.

A button for "x1" "x2" "x5" "x10 "x50" and "x100" would be awesome and i'm sure users would really like the feature, plus the way you guys make additions i'm sure you could knock that together in no time! Maybe there's something about the way the software handles playback that prevents a one-click speed-change DURING playback but even if that is the case the buttons would still save a lot of effort because you wouldn't need to be reaching for the keyboard all the time. If you do get a chance to consider implementing this I would be super-grateful forever and ever!