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Post From: shifting trendlines

[2014-07-22 18:03:23]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
There is not a practical and reliable way to do this . Since the ending point of the line is at a specific Date-Time in the future and when the chart bars do not have a fixed time per bar, that Date-Time in the future which has not yet occurred, can change.

If the ending point of a chart drawing is identified as ending a specified number of bars into the future, then that has to be continuously adjusted, and there are many things which could cause that to change unexpectedly and make the problem worse. So we would go through a lot of complex work to partially solve one issue but actually really only worsen the issue overall.

The way it works now is all technically correct is logical. The user just needs to understand, that they are drawing into an unstable future space if they choose to use chart bars which are not based upon a fixed amount of time.
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