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Date/Time: Sun, 03 Mar 2024 12:40:42 +0000

Post From: Average Entry Price and Closed Profit Mismatch

[2023-08-21 20:32:59]
FuturesBod - Posts: 12
I have the option set for (I forget the exact name but) theoretical average price. Its the option that means that if I take 2 contracts and make a 4 point gain and sell one, then my breakeven price drops 4 points lower.
This is really helpful when working a position to improve an entry price.
So Box A shows the current working P&L from when the first contract was opened.

However, the accrued P&L box (box B) updates each time a contract is exited.

So the outcome is as follows...
I had a trade with 43 points open profit and showing 102.25 points of closed profit.
BUT when I close the trade I end up with 112.75 total closed profit.

I'd much rather the closed P&L not update at all while the position is open and only update once the final contract is closed.

Hopefully this makes sense. I feel like there is maybe an option I'm missing where I can set this.

Many thanks.
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