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Date/Time: Mon, 26 Feb 2024 04:30:14 +0000

Post From: Trade Window

[2023-08-21 16:48:33]
John - SC Support - Posts: 29363
The Trade Window itself does not have any references to the symbol. The only place where you would see a symbol referenced in the Trade Window is in the Title Bar where it is repeating the information from the Chart that the Trading Window is associated with.

If the Title Bar is stating something other than what the chart has for the symbol, then you are not looking at the correct Trade Window. Refer to the following:
Basic Trading and the Trade Window: Each Trade Window is Completely Independent from Others

We are wondering if you are referring to a Trading DOM rather than a Trade Window. The Trading DOM is its own chart. Therefore, if the chart has changed symbol, then a Trading DOM will not update (unless it is linked to the chart to update the symbol). You would have to change the symbol on the Trading DOM directly. Refer to the following:
Chart Trading and the Chart DOM: Trade DOM
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