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Date/Time: Sun, 03 Mar 2024 11:25:47 +0000

Post From: Number bars, color delta text when same value as volume

[2023-08-21 16:07:10]
John - SC Support - Posts: 29568
There is not a way to do this within the Numbers Bars study itself.

What you can do is use 2 copies of the "Volume at Price Threshold Alert V2" and set the following Inputs:
- Comparison Method: Ask Volume Bid Volume Ratio
- Percentage Threshold: 1000 / -1000 (one copy set this to 1000, and -1000 in the other copy)
- Enable Zero Bid/Ask Compares: Yes
- Zero Value Compare Action: Set Percentage to +/- 1000

Since you are wanting a situation where the Difference is equal to the Total Volume, then this means that either the Bid or Ask is zero. The Volume at Price Threshold Alert V2 has the special setting to force a zero value comparison to 1000%, which is typically large enough that other comparisons would not get to this range.

The +1000 setting gives you the situation where the Bid is 0, and the -1000 gives you when the Ask is 0.
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