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Date/Time: Sat, 02 Mar 2024 01:19:15 +0000

Post From: Export Numbers calc values to label column on Dom

[2023-08-18 13:54:15]
User993067 - Posts: 129
OK. is there a workaround or alternative solution? I am exporting Number CV2 data to a text display study from chart...Even though the settings under subgraphs for auto coloring based +- are present, the exported NBVC2 does not change color, which is a huge problem.

The study subgraph above/below bar as text will export NBCV2 data and change colors, but it only does so on a chart, not the DOM. When I apply this study on the dom it cant retrieve the data because the DOM can't display NBCV2 data, so my only retrieval options are whats in the dom, which is pointless.

So the question really is, why does the color change for pos/neg values on the study subgraph above/below bar as text, but it will not change for the study, text display study from from chart? The same dropdown and autocoloring options for +- values are present for both, one works, one does not.

The data I need to trade is mostly on the DOM, but I also need NBCV and would like there to be a way to get that data with +- color changes to the DOM somehow, either in a label column, custom trade dom column, floating control bar, or color changing text display. Please advise best way to resolve.