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Date/Time: Sun, 03 Mar 2024 12:53:38 +0000

Post From: Forcing 2 charts of slightly different timeframes to show the same time amount on x-axis

[2023-08-15 12:51:32]
HumblyTrading - Posts: 168
Hello SC Team,
I trade in a way that watches multiple time frames for ES and NQ.
I like to keep the charts linked so that I can compare what is happening on both instruments vertically with my eyes, as in the screenshot below.
Is there a way to force two charts to show the same amount of time on the x-axis, despite being a different timeframe?
For example, in the screenshot, I have on the right hand side a SPX500 chart in 100 ticks, and below it is a NAS100 chart in 500 ticks. These are fairly close matches and I need to see the tick structure, as opposed to watching say 5-minute candles.
Can these charts be set in such a way that as I zoom around in and out, they stay showing the same amount of time?
Perhaps by forcing this action via a spreadsheet or ACSIL commands, if it is not natively supported?
Thank you for any advice,