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Date/Time: Sun, 16 Jun 2024 12:51:18 +0000

Post From: Studies from Historical Charts on Intraday? Or should it be vice versa?

[2023-08-13 13:13:26]
knarf01 - Posts: 47
Good day gents.. I'll break down what I want to do, and hopefully you can direct me to the correct way..

I would like to have a 3yr Volume Profile with a 30s or 1m candle stick chart.

I can only make this work by using an Intraday Chart set to 1095 days, and loading a Volume Profile with 1095 day look back and then setting my candles to whatever time period I want.. The issue is that I do this for ES/NQ/RTY/CL.. So basically every 30s or 1m or whatever bar period I'm using reloads ALL of the data. I'll also change the bar period to say 3m or 15m based on what im looking for.. This causes the whole chartbook to reload ALL the data and during trading time its a bit time consuming for my style/method.

Is there a way to load the 3y profile on a historical chart and overlay it on a smaller 2-3 day intraday chart? Maybe it should be the other way around where I should overlay the intraday bar period on a historical chart? Ive tried both, the best visually seems to be using a 3y intraday but this brings me back to the issue - any changes in the chart causes a full reload of the data.. Also running 4 of these charts also seems to consume quite a bit of computer resources.

Any advice or suggestions are appreciated!