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Date/Time: Sat, 09 Dec 2023 17:41:02 +0000

Post From: Show actual potential P/L instead of average-based value on trade position lines?

[2023-05-02 12:13:56]
mk53v3n - Posts: 50
Thanks for the link! However, I think the linked documentation does not really describe what I'm looking for.

How the average price for positions is calculated and shown in the trade window is perfectly fine for me.

My issue rather is that the individual position lines in the charts do not show the exact P/L based on the exact corresponding entry for each position, but rather show a value that is only based on the average entry price (i.e. the shown P/L is wrong in most cases unless you completely flatten the trade and close the whole position at once).

So, just to make sure that I understand you correctly and that I didn't overlook it in the documentation:

This is the way it's supposed to be, and there is no possibility to change this?