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Date/Time: Thu, 13 Jun 2024 11:41:57 +0000

Post From: Show actual potential P/L instead of average-based value on trade position lines?

[2023-05-01 15:02:00]
mk53v3n - Posts: 68
Hi, I have a question about the potential profit/loss that is displayed on the trade position lines in the charts (see attached screenshots):

When I enter a position with 1 lot (in this example 1 short position in the S&P500 future) and place my stop/loss and my take/profit each 10 points away from my entry, both lines accurately show -10.00P and +10.00P respectively. (see screenshot 1)

Now, when the market goes 1 point into my favor and I sell a second lot, a second pair of trade position lines is added. (see screenshot 2)

I have the Scale-In option disabled because I want to have separate lines for each contract that I trade.
However, this also changes the P/L values that are shown on my original two trade position lines: Although I did not move them, they now show a potential loss of -10.50P and a potential profit of +9.50P (instead of the previously shown -10.00P and +10.00P which would be accurate).

I understand where the updated figures come from (Sierra obviously calculates the potential P/L based on the average entry price over all my positions).
However, I find this quite confusing because it's not the exact P/L that I would make when the corresponding orders are triggered.

So, I never know exactly how much money I win or lose beforehand on each individual position, unless I manually calculate it myself for every trade position line.

Is there any way to configure / change this, so that each trade position line shows the true P/L based on the actual entry price for the corresponding contract rather than a value that is based on the average entry price over all my contracts?
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